Travel Tip: Uses For Extra Passport Photos

IMG_3404.CR2For every traveler, packing extra passport size photos can help save you time and money. The usefulness of passport size photos extends far beyond filing for your most important international travel document. Personally we’ve had to run around in hot weather and pay exorbitant fees for last-minute photos when we’ve we forgot to bring extra. With that in mind, we’ve outlined a few uses that you might not have thought of that can help save you time and money when you are on the road.

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Visa On Arrival or Visa Applications

Some countries require one or two passport size photos when you apply for a visa in advance or when you apply for one upon arrival. Having some in your luggage can help for those times when you are visiting multiple countries on one trip. Always check beforehand the size of photo required for the visa you are applying for.

Passport Replacement

In the unfortunate occasion that your passport is stolen or lost on the road, having some extra photos can help speed up the process. Usually regulations state photos have to have been taken within the past six months to be valid, so it helps to update your photos from time to time.

Certifications & Badges

For some courses such as scuba diving certification, passport sized photo. Also, entrance to some national parks and similar land marks around the world require a passport sized photo to issue pass that can’t be transferred or sold.

Identification Cards

In some places, you may required to provide a printed or digital version of a photo to apply for an official identification card, student ID, or office name badge.

I hope this article helps convinces you to bring some extra passport photos along on your travels. If you are running low, you can always create a new passport photo with PassportPhotoApp free passport photo editor.

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